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The stand-up explosion has pushed the art-form’s relevance far beyond the metro cities of India. A variety of voices and viewpoints await their turn, with a clear need for open mics and audiences. Everyone needs a place to unravel themselves and just let go. The problem has always been about the venue that is most suitable to become that place where people would come together and perform.

    Nashik is an industrial city which has a working population consisting a wide variety of people with some talent or the other, not to mention students who come from all over the state for education purposes. We offer them an opportunity to unravel and share their gift with each other. The open mic culture is gaining great popularity in urban regions and Nashik is no exception to it; We intend to offer a venue which would be able to bring out more and more of people who seek to present themselves on-stage where you let go of your doubts and bring forth what you otherwise couldn't.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up

Pablo Picasso


We have the insight and impetus to encourage the culture of open mic and stand-up shows because we believe it brings out the true artist or performer spirit in people. Here you have absolute freedom to unleash whatever it is you consider to be your talent- sing your heart out, strike the musical chords or make people laugh out of their wits...